10 Things You Need To Know About Diabetic Compression Socks

Dry feet, less chance of injury, and improved blood flow are all goals of diabetic socks. Diabetic compression socks are an essential element of diabetes management because they can protect you from the possible harm to the nerve and circulatory systems that high blood sugar levels can cause. Damage to nerves (diabetic neuropathy) lowers the ability to feel the soles of the feet and raises the risk of harm. People with diabetes may be unaware of an injury and postpone care due to their condition.

Wound healing is hampered by irregular blood flow, leading to circulatory issues. High blood sugar levels might also harm the immune system. If left unchecked, these issues might lead to amputation or even death.

Diabetic socks aren’t necessary for everyone with diabetes. It is unnecessary to wear unique socks for individuals who do not have foot problems. However, it may be good to do so when travelling for an extended amount of time, as sitting for long periods might raise the risk of swelling or blood clots.

Have you noticed changes in the colour or warmth of your feet, discomfort, nerve damage, blisters, or fungus?

The following are examples of diabetes patients who would benefit from wearing just diabetic socks:

Your feet become wet and sweaty all the time.

You may be at greater risk for peripheral arterial disease three or another ailment because of a reduced pedal pulse (measured at the top of your foot and behind your inner ankle).


There are a lot of characteristics in diabetic compression socks that address specific foot problems.

Material That Keeps You Dry

Wicking socks draw moisture away from the foot, reducing the risk of fungal infections and decreasing odour by allowing perspiration to evaporate. Blisters and other wounds are more difficult to grow on a dry foot. Acrylic fibres are superior to cotton when it comes to wicking away sweat.


For people with neuropathy or persistent hyperglycemia, diabetic socks without seams on the toes lessen the danger of friction and blisters that might develop ulcers (high blood sugar). Diabetic socks may also feature white soles to disclose wounds that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Yarns That Are Easy to Work With

Fine-textured materials like bamboo and wool, both of which have inherent antibacterial characteristics and aren’t prone to irritate the skin, are used to make diabetic socks. Diabetic socks from a few manufacturers use a particular type of blister-guard yarn to decrease friction that can lead to blisters.

Binding that is not elastic

Socks for people with diabetes are made to fit snugly without pinching the calves, reducing blood flow.

Its Antimicrobial Qualities

Some socks are manufactured with copper or silver-infused yarn, which has been found to have anti-fungal characteristics and inhibit germs and fungus formation. Successive wear of the copper-infused socks may help prevent the re-infection of the athlete’s foot. In addition to that, these socks are anti-odour.

Cushioned Feet

A thicker fabric or a gel or silicone pad stitched into a shoe can help reduce foot injuries. Socks with extra cushioning in the heel and the ball of the foot, for example, are ideal for those who stand for extended periods or those who frequently run or exercise. Tennis and soccer players may benefit from the use of toe padding. 

Technologically Astute

To inform the wearer through an app, specific diabetic socks feature inbuilt sensors that monitor foot temperature. Located at the ankle of the sock is a coin-sized battery. Typically, these socks last six months. Siren is an excellent resource for further information.


No-show, anklet, crew, and calf-length diabetic socks are available in various designs and lengths. For those with circulatory difficulties, the latter may be the best option.


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