6 Common Symptoms For Which One Needs To Visit A Dentist 

A dental surgeon who is also known as a dentist, belongs to a broader industry of health care professionals. Their speciality is dentistry. A dental team involves a dental hygienist, dental therapists, dental assistants, and dental technicians. Every dentist in Chatswood has the capability and a license to diagnose, prevent, and treat injuries, diseases, and the malfunctioning of the mouth, teeth, and jaws. Chatswood, located near Sydney, has around 63 dentists among its 26,853 residents.

Bloodstain after flossing or brushing

Once after brushing, if one sees blood visible on the brush or in their spit, it is something to worry about. It can be indicative of gum diseases where the gum tissue gets infected. One should not neglect the sign, as it can turn into gum disease and later results in tooth loss. 

Receding Gums

The gum tissue is the one that covers the root of the teeth. If the gum tissue pulls back from the tooth surface, exposing the roots, it is a sign to visit the dentist. Generally, it occurs due to poor oral health habits, and it is recommended to consult the doctor early to prevent severe tissue loss.

Dry Mouth

In healthy conditions, salivary glands produce saliva to keep your mouths lubricated. Saliva also helps wash away food from teeth, neutralising acids produced by bacteria and limiting their growth. If one feels that their mouth is dry, it can be a symptom of Dry Mouth (Xerostomia). Dry mouth is usually a side effect of medications a person is on currently or ageing tissues. A visit to the dentist can help identify the cause behind the decrease in saliva.

Loose Teeth

If one notices loose or shifting teeth, consult a dentist in Chatswood at the earliest. It might indicate an infection or a bone loss. Also, noticing in mind the way the teeth align when one closes their mouth completely or bite is a good way to understand if one or more of the teeth have shifted or are moving.


This one is obvious, but also it is the one that most people neglect. If one has toothache for more than a day (maximum two days), they must consult a dentist in Chatswood. Sometimes, the toothache is associated with fever, headache, or swelling around the tooth. The causes of toothache are many, ranging from tooth decay to infections and tooth grinding caused due to repetitive motion such as clenching the teeth hard. Over 50% of children in Chatswood develop tooth decay by age 6. The dentist can help identify the cause of the issue, and it can help in the early detection of serious problems.

Bumps and Sores

Canker sores are small lesions that develop at the base of the gums. These are not contagious, are generally painful, and go away in a week. If one sees white spots or bumps in the mouth which last more than a week, or if they are associated with loss of taste, it can be due to a fungal infection referred to as Oral Thrush. Consult the dentist immediately, and get this diagnosed as this fungus can spread to the intestine, causing further complications.

It is also important to make regular visits to the dentist in Chatswood for a quick check-up (at least once in 6 months). The points mentioned above help one monitor their oral health


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