How Does Hemiparesis Occur in the Body and How to Know If You Have It

When a person loses the use of one side of the body, they are said to have a stroke. This type of paralysis is usually brought on by a stroke on the opposite side of the brain. It causes motor function in one side of the body to become weakened or non-functional, sometimes for the rest of that person’s life. In order to take the appropriate measures to ensure you can handle if an attack happens, you should know what it is, how it occurs in the body, and tell when you are having one.

What is This Attack?

A hemiparesis attack is when a person loses the ability to use one side of the body. It is a type of stroke that affects the opposite side of the body from the paralyzed one. It can cause paralysis, numbness, weakness, or a loss of coordination. It can also cause weakness in the face, arms, and legs. There are multiple types of hemiplegia, including facial hemiplegia, spinal hemiplegia, contralateral hemiplegia, and spastic hemiplegia.


How Does It Occur in the Body?

There are many different ways that a stroke can affect the body and the brain. When a blood vessel in the brain is blocked, blood can’t flow to the part of the brain that controls the muscles. This causes the muscles to weaken and become less active. If part of the brain is also damaged, the nerves in that area may also become damaged or die. When this happens to muscles that control the muscles on the opposite side of the body, the muscles can’t be controlled. This is how it occurs.

Some signs and symptoms include weakness on one side of the body, a loss of muscle tone, shakiness, poor coordination, difficulty in swallowing, and weakness in the face or arms and legs.

What Causes This Stroke?

The cause of a hemiparesis attack is usually a blockage or a stroke on the opposite side of the brain from the side that is paralyzed. Most attacks occur due to a stroke on the left side of the brain. This is because most strokes happen on the right side of the body.

The arteries in the brain are usually the hardest to block. But since the arteries that supply blood to the brain are generally protected by a very strong membrane, blockages in these arteries typically cause only mild symptoms such as a headache, a little confusion, or a loss of balance. 

Some strokes are so severe that they damage the ventricles in the brain. Damage to the ventricles causes blood to pool in the space around them, which can cause a dangerous amount of pressure.

How to Recognize This Attack

There are several things to look out for when experiencing the attack. The most common signs are a motor weakness on one side of the body and a lack of awareness of that side. For example, you may have trouble closing your hand on your opposite shoulder, or you may not feel your foot on the ground.

Treatment and Recovery

Because a stroke causes this condition on the opposite side of the brain, one of the first treatments is to help stop the bleeding from the blocked artery. If the blockage is on the brain, doctors may try to remove it or relieve the pressure around it. Once a person’s symptoms are controlled, therapy can help the person regain their ability to use the paralyzed side of their body.

If you have this kind of attack, let your doctor know. Knowing what to expect will make the experience smoother for you. And, if you have any questions about your diagnosis, ask your doctor.

If you think you are having this attack, you should see a doctor immediately. This condition is serious and needs to be treated as soon as possible. Once you get treatment, recovery is usually fast. You may need help with daily living activities, such as getting out of bed, getting dressed, and feeding yourself. You may also need help with a daily activity that requires repetition, like buttoning your shirt.


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