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How Can You Prevent Rot Beneath a Crown?

A crown is a type of dental restoration that covers the entire surface of a tooth. While crowns are a common and effective way to restore damaged or decayed teeth, they don't always prevent decay from occurring beneath the crown. Rot beneath a crown, also known as recurrent decay,...

Yoga School in India

Yoga has come a long way, with the advent of the 21st century everyone is either talking about or practicing yoga. But have you ever wondered if the yoga you're doing is authentic or not? Is yoga just doing certain physical poses or there is more to it?  When we...

yoga retreat in Bali

Yoga has proven to be one of the best ways to relax and maintain your physical health in today's hectic world. Everybody is running from one place to another without having a chance to catch their breath. This is where yoga comes in. People who practice yoga every day...