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Yoga has come a long way, with the advent of the 21st century everyone is either talking about or practicing yoga. But have you ever wondered if the yoga you’re doing is authentic or not? Is yoga just doing certain physical poses or there is more to it? 

When we talk about authentic yoga which originated in ancient India, we find that yoga is not just about doing some poses or meditating. It’s rather a way of life that a person practices to gain inner peace, tranquility, and unification within. 

We know that India is the birthplace of yoga, so there’s no better place to learn authentic yoga, than here. If you are someone who wants to unlock the mysteries of yoga then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss in detail the best yoga school in India that will give you true knowledge of yoga as passed on since ages. 

Samadhi yoga ashram: a step towards self-transformation

Samadhi yoga ashram is located in the majestic land of Rishikesh which is situated in the lap of nature. The nature and culture of Rishikesh make this city the world capital of yoga and for good reason. It is where in India yoga originated. This place is surrounded by the Himalayas and the holy river Ganga. And at the heart of this place, you will find the samadhi yoga ashram. 

This yoga school in India has transformed the lives of thousands of people by helping and guiding them in awakening their inner selves and transforming themselves remarkably and positively. 

Here you will be taught yoga in its purest form by teachers who have a long connection and heritage with this art. This yoga school in India has many options for you to choose from to learn yoga. They have their world-famous yoga teacher training courses which we will cover in a minute. Besides that, they have many other short-term and long-term courses based on a person’s needs and preferences. You can even find drop-in classes and yoga retreats for just 3 days here. This is one of the best options for people to experience yogic life even if they are short on time. 

This yoga school in India is also very accommodating to the needs of every person that comes here. They will provide you with customized courses in yoga therapy as per your preference. They have courses for everyone, be it a young person, an adult, or even kids and pregnant women. Everyone will find a place here. You just need to be dedicated and motivated to learn and practice yoga. 

Now without any further wait let’s look at some of the comprehensive yoga teacher training courses offered by this yoga school in India

Teacher training courses

At samadhi yoga ashram you will find teacher training courses of various levels and durations based on the expertise of the individual. There are 100-hour yoga teacher training courses, 200-hour yoga teacher training courses, 300-hour yoga teacher training courses, and 500-hour yoga teacher training courses. All these courses are available in different styles of yoga. Let’s look at all these styles in detail. 

Multi-style holistic yoga teacher training course

Under this course, you will be taught all the major styles of yoga but the main focus is given to ashtanga yoga which covers lots of sub-topics. This is an ancient style of yoga that has 8 components and all these components are thoroughly taught in this course at the samadhi yoga ashram. This course is available for 100 hours of YTTC, 200-hour YTTC, 300-hour YTTC, and 500-hour YTTC. 

Kundalini yoga teacher training course

This course completely focuses on Kundalini yoga, one of the most famous styles of yoga. Kundalini yoga’s main aim is to awaken the energy chakras present in a person’s body through various types of extensive meditation. This course at samadhi yoga ashram is also available for  100 hours of YTTC, 200 hours of YTTC, 300 hours of YTTC, and 500 hours of YTTC.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training course

Learning Ayurveda with yoga is a complete package and this is what you get at the samadhi yoga ashram. This course will equip you with the knowledge of Ayurveda. Where yoga connects mind, body, and soul, Ayurveda ensures that our body remains in a perfectly healthy state. At this yoga school in India you will find two introductory courses – 100-hour YTTC and 200-hour YTTC, these courses will teach you the basics of Ayurveda and its connection with yoga and our body. 

Bottom line 

To conclude we can say that if you are looking to get an authentic education in yoga then samadhi yoga ashram is the yoga school in India for you. Here you will get yoga alliance USA certified courses and qualifications which will not only expand your career but also develop your own personal practice in a way never done before. 

So what are you waiting for? hurry and book your slot at samadhi yoga ashram to get the best discounts.

To know more about this school and other things related to yoga don’t forget to check out our website. 

We hope that you stay safe, and healthy and keep practicing yoga. 



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