What are the goods of keratin and Biotin rich foods?

Foods generous in Biotin and Keratin

Keratin and Biotin are natural nutrients that are required for improving and supporting the health of our hair, skin,and nails. Biotin is also effective in promoting the health of pregnant women. They should consume foods abundant in Biotin in the proper amount.

It is generally recommended to consume 30 to 100 micrograms of Keratin and about micro grams of Biotin per day for a grown-up to fulfill the body’s demands. You can exceed or decrease the amount of Keratin and Biotin taken by your body based on your requirements.

What are Keratin and Biotin?

Keratin is a fibrous protein important for maintaining the growth and health of hair as it supports smoothing our hair and makes it less frizzy, and thus it is also applied in various hair treatments. Biotin is water-soluble Vitamin B, which supports improve the structure of Keratin in our body, and therefore it helps manage the health of our nails, hair, and skin. Foods such as fishes, meat, nuts, eggs, and sweet potatoes, which are rich sources of Vitamin B and proteins, are valuable sources of Biotin and Keratin. Keratin and Biotin’s insufficiency can cause weakening of nails, hair loss, rashes, and other skin disorders.

Value of Foods Rich in Biotin & Keratin

Maintains Health of Hair, Skin, and Nails – Biotin and Keratin help smoothen the hair and makes it light frizzy. Also, Biotin changes nutrients into energy, improving and maintaining the health of skin, hair, and nails.

Helps support the health of the fruitful woman – Biotin helps promote a pregnant woman’s health as folic acid and Biotin insufficiency are very obvious during pregnancy. Biotin also supports the development and health of the child.

Prevents Diabetes – Biotin is also really helpful in controlling our body’s blood sugar levels, and thus it benefits in the prevention of diabetes.

Aside from this, Biotin is also supposed to help treat and prevent inflammation, improve the body’s cognitive function, and support our body’s cholesterol levels.

Top Foods Rich in Biotin & Keratin


Milk is one of the most regularly consumed sources of Biotin and Keratin. Milk is one of the best foods loaded in Biotin because 100 ml of Milk can give you 9 micrograms of Biotin. Men are use fildena and vidalista 60 to treat their impotence problems. About 333 ml of Milk can fulfill your daily necessities of Biotin. Milk is also an excellent source of Vitamin A and proteins, which are needed for keratin synthesis.

Salmon Fish

Salmon – Salmon is a highly nutritious and satisfying seafood source of Biotin, Vitamin A, and protein necessary for Keratin. 100 grams of Salmon can give you 5.9 micrograms of Biotin. About 510 grams of Salmon can satisfy your daily necessities of Biotin.


Eggs are also one of the most usually eaten sources of Biotin. Other nutrients such as protein and vitamin A. 1 Large Egg (50 gm) can give you about 10 micrograms of Biotin. About 3 Large Eggs can satisfy your daily necessities of Biotin.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are extremely nutritious vegan sources of Biotin, and Vitamin A. 100 gram of Sweet Potatoes includes about 2 micrograms of Biotin, 100 gram sweet potatoes can fulfill your daily necessities of Vitamin A. Approximately 1500 grams of Sweet Potatoes can meet your daily needs of Biotin.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds are also extremely rich vegan sources of Biotin and protein. 100 grams of Sunflower seeds can give you about 13 micrograms of Biotin. About 230 grams of Sunflower Seeds can accomplish your daily demands of Biotin.

Beef Liver

Beef liver is an extremely nutritious and highly rich source of Biotin, proteins, and other nutrients. 100 grams of Beef Liver can give you about 36.5 micrograms of Biotin. About 82 grams of Beef Liver can fulfill your everyday demands of Biotin.


Almonds are famous nuts snack sources of Biotin and protein. 100 grams of Almonds can give you about 7.5 micrograms of Biotin. About 400 grams of Almonds can satisfy your daily necessities of Biotin.


Mushrooms are also excellent vegan sources of Biotin. 100 grams of Mushrooms can give you about 8 micrograms of Biotin. About 375 grams of Mushrooms can satisfy your daily necessities of Biotin.


Yeast is also a profoundly rich source of Biotin. 100 grams of Yeast includes about 131 micrograms of Biotin. Vidalista 40 is also used as ED cure. Approximately 22 grams of Yeast can fulfill your everyday requirements of Biotin.

All the foods mentioned above are healthy, easily available, and are great sources of Biotin and Keratin. Biotin and Keratin help maintain and promote the health of our skin, nails, and hair, and they are also very useful in preventing diabetes and inflammation. Please keep a great amount of Biotin and Keratin in your body for good energy and a better lifestyle.


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