How to Sell on Instagram: 10 tips and Social Commerce Examples

Instagram is among the most significant social networks worldwide, with more than one billion users worldwide.

And the target market isn’t only browsing the app; they’re also buying.

This means that you have an enormous opportunity to put your product or service on the radar of those who require and want them. All this is possible because of the possibilities for creativity that using a visual platform like Instagram offers.

I’ve earned more than $32,500 in the past five years through Instagram.

It wasn’t my primary selling platform. However, it was an excellent side income source and an opportunity to enjoy myself and try out for a while.

However, since it’s so well-known, Instagram can also be overcrowded.

Here are some helpful tips to help you be noticed and succeed in marketing on Instagram. You can also buy followers with Mr. Insta.


1. Verify Your Account Is A “Business” Account

Before you can make money on Instagram first, you need to establish the right foundations.

First, make sure your account is a “Business” account.

This might seem simple, but it’s crucial.

Accounts for business come with particular features that help make marketing more straightforward, for example:

  • Information about your target customers.
  • Additional options to add important details to your profile to enable people to find your profile outside of the application.
  • The capacity to make posts to get more attention.


2. Double-check Your Branding

Check that your brand’s image is consistent across all channels, including Instagram.

This helps to make your presence known and memorable.

Your profile photo, the style of your posts, and even your bio should work with your brand’s existing presence.


3. Be Consistent and Provide Value

What are the best ways to sell? How do you sell on Instagram after you have established an account?

Like in your other content, focus on consistency and providing Value, not selling.

A sales-oriented profile is an enormous turnoff for many.

If all your post is product-related features that include hyperlinks to purchase them, you’ll not get a lot of attention for long.

As you already know, a well-engaged audience is essential to improving conversion rates.

People familiar with, like, and trust you are much more likely to purchase.

High-quality, consistent Instagram content is essential for the equation of selling.

Regularly posting, not only on Reels or Stories, helps build trust over time by making the help of quality, stable posts and carousel posts.


4. Make High-Quality Content to Sell More on Instagram

Quality posts can help you establish your brand on Instagram and draw new followers who may, later on, be customers.

What do top-quality posts appear like?

  • High-quality images that integrate with the overall vibe of your brand.
  • Important, pertinent information, such as within the post image or the description – which demonstrates your knowledge, is relevant to your field, and gives your viewers something to take in (for more casual accounts, the entertainment value is significant, too!).
  • A reliable posting your readers can be confident about (meaning you won’t vanish without warning for days or even weeks at one time).
  • A part of a planned content schedule laid out weeks ahead in the context of an overall content strategy.


5. Make use of intelligent Tools

The management of your Instagram account by hand is a recipe for anxiety.

Daily posting, often multiple times throughout the day, in various formats, may become exhausting.

Luckily, a variety of tools can aid you in creating your Instagram grid in a uniform way and line with your overall style.

Some tools to think about:

  • MeetEdgar offers a wide range of features, such as an automated content scheduler that draws posts from your libraries.
  • Later, an all-in-one tool comes with a variety of flexible plans.
  • Agorapulse is the tool to manage all your social media accounts and not just Instagram.


6. Post Reels addressing Pain Points

To get the best results, use the tools available to sell on Instagram.

A great way to do this can be the idea to post videos that focus on a particular issue for your viewers.

The solution you propose must be a product or service that you could hyperlink to in your bio and mention in the Reel and the caption.


7. Utilize The “Link in Bio” Strategically

Do not include a link to your home page within your profile to increase sales through Instagram.

Instead, point to a specific landing page on which customers who come through the platform can make an order.

You can alter your link’s URL to link to different landing pages related to specific products. You can then include CTAs on the “link in bio” on static posts with these products.

Since you can’t link to static posts directly, this is an excellent method to bypass this.

For an illustration, check out this post from VSCO. Take note of the location where they say, “Discover more through the link in our bio.”


8. Links to Products/Services in Stories

Making Stories available and sharing about your product or service is another excellent method to market your product through Instagram, particularly since you can directly connect to the product using a sticker.

It doesn’t need to be expensive. Neither can you talk about your product before the camera, present it attractively, submit a story about a customer who was successful with the service, etc.

It is possible to add a hyperlink sticker that will direct you to the page for the product right in the story.

This feature was previously only available to certain kinds of users. However, Instagram recently granted it to all users.


9. Save Stories with Products to Highlights

Do you have stories with products that you’ve featured done effectively? Don’t allow them to disappear into the dark abyss – add them to your Story Highlights!

Create an exclusive Highlight specifically for stories with products to quickly locate them to ensure that people can fast. Check out how Magnolia did this on their profile. They’ve kept it simple and named the highlights of their products “shop.”

It is also possible to create various highlights for different types of products, such as.


10. Promote Posts with products and services

A product post’s promotion (or “boosting”) is among the most straightforward ways to make an Instagram advertisement.

This will give your post greater visibility and more momentum, which means more people will be interested in your service or product.

In particular, mainly, posts are doing quite well in terms of engagement.

These posts have a higher chance of thriving when viewed by new eyes because you know they are appealing to your existing readers.

Take a look at Instagram’s brief illustrated guide to increasing posts to get more great ideas.



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