PS of Sweden Bridles to Carry on the Moves

We have an exclusive wide range of collections to make your horse-riding experience more exciting like never before with more convenience and comfort delivered at your doorstep, we have an exclusive collection of headstall bags, horse Mexican headstall, Paris headstall, wellington hunter headstall and we also have Sweden snap hooks, black cob clearance, nonparent noseband double headstall, Paris headstall brown full large.

Special Look to Appreciate

PS of Sweden bridles bags comes with attractive fresh new looks, it provides convenient protection to your headstall while trailing on your horse-on-horse racing shows and so on has zippers, hangers provided inside the bag for the bridle and to add on more convenience also has one on outside of the bag. Horse Mexican headstall comes with convenience like the noseband has a lower strap with curved design with soft pads to prevent cheekbones chaffing. It is made out of pure leather with a PS logo stamped on it, has a headpiece that comes with a unique gapping over the highest part of the neck area for sensitive nerve tracks for muscle and ligaments. It has softly padded edges oval-shaped around the ears to ensure and to give maximum freedom also has cheek pieces and a brow band

More about the PS Styled Products

Paris headstall is a perfect combo for an experienced rider, the sharp noseband is made for very strong and forward-going horses it is adjustable in heights to ensure the perfect fit and to prevent pressure on nostrils and air channel. It also has a super soft pillow-built part to reduce pressure and enables a closer optimized fit around the nose area. The wellington hunter headstall comes with a modern touch of a classical hunter headstall; it comes with extra features which is a bonus add on keeping in mind your horse’s comfort comes always on the priority list of ours. A throatlatch with a soft pliable flat leather headstall is especially recommended for those horses who don’t like feeling trapped, or the young one, and for the inexperienced horses. If you need a comfortable noseband it could be a perfect choice for your horse’s first bridle.

Significant Lots to Talk about

Sweden snap hooks are perfect for horse competitions. And for a super easy quick snap on or off comes with a smooth hook. The black cob clearance is the masterpiece of ours, it comes with cheek pieces elastic cradles to relieve pressure on the polls, and it is a bit suspended near the horse’s mouth, the headpiece has air gaps and has softly padded edges with an anatomical oval shape around the ears. The non-patent noseband double headstall is an eco-friendly English leather neckpiece and cheek piece with round stitched and French hooks. Our cradles come in with the utmost comfort and are constructed to be easily hooked on and off. Paris’s headstalls brown full large is the product of ours which comes with brand new added features like convex PS button which provides an extra sturdiness to keep the brow band in place. It’s purely made with leather. Go hurry! All these could be yours. You can purchase these as per your needs.


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