Debunking the Myths on Male Infertility

People most of the time when they want to expand their family and are not able to do it lie the burden of responsibility is on the shoulder of the women. But it might not be the case. Infertility issues run as high in men as in women. 

Infertility can be described as a situation where it is difficult for the person to conceive even after multiple tries of intercourse. According to various researches, these issues can be due to both men and women alike. The ratio is the same for both genders. 

Thus let us dispel some of the common myths that are lurking around the corners for quite some time. It is high time that we debunk those myths and set the fact sheet straight. That is why stay with us as we try to highlight the truth.

Myth No 1: The Problem is Always With the Woman

Every woman has a gynecologist that she can tend to at the end of the day regarding her fertility issues. While trying to conceive a couple always starts with checking the woman for reproduction issues. And in all that scenarios, the men of the house are often neglected when it comes to the infertility evaluation. This is mainly because of the fact that if there is a fertility issue it is mostly because of the woman. 

But in reality and according to the best andrologist in Lahore, in most cases, a ratio of 50% of infertile couples struggle with pregnancy because of their male counterpart. Thus it is not always the women who have issues with infertility men can share the same burden of responsibility as well. 

Myth No 2: Fertility is not Associated with Overall Health

Well, it is important for people to realize that infertility is greatly linked with overall health. It can be because of any underlying health issue that needs consultation and assistance. Infertile men are at a greater risk of cancers such as rectal, renal, and optical cancers. It can also pose a complication of cardiovascular issues such as irregular heartbeats and other matters at hand.

The main issue why men’s infertility is not discussed is because we do not pay attention to taking our kids to physicians. That is why early diagnosis has its own perks and advantages because it allows men to become more aware of their health consequences and complications. This also gives them a window to assess their future situation and how to want to take the matters the family planning properly. 

Because if they are made aware of their situation then they can make the most out of the preventive medicines and their subsequent effects. 

Myth No 3: Infertility and Impotency are Two Opposite Sides of a Coin

Most of us are determined to get confused for the rest of our lives when it comes to these matters of impotency and infertility. These two conditions which people often get confused about as one are as different as two sides of a coin. 

Infertility is one is unable to conceive while impotence is known as erectile dysfunction. It is a condition in which the male counterpart is unable to get or maintain a steady ejaculation. Both of these conditions affect the manner in which a couple can conceive. Thus treatment of them at right time is of utmost importance. 

Myth no 4: Infertility is not Connected to Substance Abuse

Get over the fact that all the smoking and drug use is not going to affect your fertility because it does and that too not in the right manner. Too much smoking can then lead to reduced sperm count, the number of healthy sperm, and sperm motility. Smoking and too much drug abuse are one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. 

Excessive drinking can also have the same effect on the body as does smoking and substance use. Thus make sure to keep an eye on how many toxins you are exposing your bodies to. 

Myth no 5: Infertility is not Related to Age

This one is normally associated with women’s infertility. But this is not the whole story. It is a normal assumption that men can procreate at any age. 

Male fertility tends to decline as age progresses, thus it affects men in the same manner as it tends to affect women. The reason behind this is that the sperm count decrees and sperm agility are also affected. That is why age goes have an impact on male fertility. 

The Bottom Line

Male fertility is hand’s down one of the most misunderstood concepts of the twenty-first century. We have complied and busted some of the common myths. Do consult with your primary healthcare advisor if you need any more information in these regards. Also learn healthy ways so that you can avoid these complications as much as possible. 


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