How to maximize your possibilities after IUI treatment

If you attempt to conceive, IUI treatment might be your next step. It is a fertility treatment that can assist couples with infertility problems with low sperm count or ovulation issues under the Best IUI Center in Noida.

The procedure involves injecting a single sperm into the uterus during ovulation.
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While it may not always perform, here’s how to maximize your possibilities after IUI treatment:  

Follow your doctor’s instructions.

It is essential to follow all the instructions that your doctor gives you, including taking medications and avoiding sexual intercourse.

Even tracking your cycle might seem complicated, but it will certainly help to know when ovulation occurs and when you should try IUI treatment for the best results under the Best IUI Center in Noida.
Keep track of all your cycles.

Keep track of your menstrual cycle dates because this might help identify pregnancy-related issues. For example, if you do not get menstruation every month or if the duration of your menstrual cycle continues for more than 35 days, see a fertility professional or an OB-GYN before undergoing IUI again suggested by the Best IVF Doctor in Noida.
Take prenatal vitamins/cut back on alcohol absorption.

Take prenatal vitamins daily. Vitamin deficiencies can cause infertility, so it’s essential to comply with doctors’ instructions.

Cut back on alcohol absorption or stop drinking altogether because research shows that taking more than one glass of wine can decrease your chances of successful pregnancy through IUI treatment by 50% under the Best IUI Center in Noida.
Stay active throughout your cycle.

Always stay active during your menstrual cycle; exercising helps release endorphins that make you feel happy and energetic, as suggested by the Best IVF Doctor in Noida. Also, it helps relieve stress, another factor that affects fertility negatively.
The success percentage of IUI is 10% – 30%. And there are some things you can do to enhance the possibilities of achieving a high success rate for IUI treatment under the Best IUI Center in Noida. Here is what you can do:
Eat Healthily: 

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet after IUI treatment is highly advisable. Good health and fitness lead to successful fertilization. It’s better to include more protein and other foods like nuts, eggs, flax seeds, and whole grains suggested by the Best IVF Doctor in Noida. Adding these food items to your diet can give successful fertilization.
Get in touch with a fertility expert: 
It is best to stay in constant contact with your fertility expert after IUI treatment. Sometimes, experts suggest the right ways to achieve conception, so make sure you’re reaching out to the right person for treatment. Zeeva is the Best IUI Center in Noida for IUI treatment. You can get assistance from the beginning to the final stage of the treatments here.
Start exercising: 
Don’t let IUI treatment stop you from workouts. A little exercise is always the best! IVF experts advise that moderate exercise is suitable for IUI. But don’t go for rigorous or extreme workout routines because you must keep moving and actively suggest the Best IVF Doctor in Noida. Light activities are best during this period as they also enhance blood flow to the uterus and other reproductive organs.
Build and maintain positivity in you:  
Maintaining a positive attitude is necessary during and after the process to keep you from stress. It will be better for your health and body if you feel happy and positive in these times. It will also help you to achieve good mental health under the Best IUI Center in Noida.
Maintain a healthy sleep pattern: 
After the IUI procedure, it is crucial for both mother and child if they don’t get enough sleep. IVFexperts recommend getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep. It will not only help to keep you fresh but also improves mental health and releases your stress. 
But certain things can reduce the success rate of IUI treatment and achieving pregnancy:
Avoid Stress: 

Stress is the biggest threat after an IUI procedure. It can cause an imbalance in hormones like ‘happy hormones’ and affect the process of fertilization in the uterus leading to reduced chances of getting pregnant.
Avoid Drinking and smoking: 
After IUI, one must skip indulging in smoking or drinking practices to avoid complications. It harms women’s health significantly and can cause child abnormalities under the Best IUI Center in Noida.
Try keeping yourself out of harmful radiation: 
After the IUI procedure, you must stay away from any harmful radiation. Avoid exposure to sunlight directly for an extended period suggested by the Best IVF Doctor in Noida.
Avoid taking pain relief medicines: 
If you suffer from cramps and pain after an IUI procedure, don’t take pain relief medicines, as it decreases the IUI success rate suggested by the Best IVF Doctor in Noida. But if the problem is unbearable, consult your doctor.


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