Ptosis Surgery, Singapore: How Much Does Ptosis Surgery Cost?

Ptosis is a condition where the upper eyelid sags, causing problems with your vision. It can be caused by nerve damage, muscle or skin weakness. Ptosis surgery in Singapore may be recommended if ptosis is affecting your vision.

It may also be done for cosmetic purposes. See what the surgery involves on this page: If you have ptosis, it’s more likely to happen when you are tired or sick because your whole body needs rest and recovery.

It can also occur after some kind of injury to your head, especially if there is bleeding in the brain. The severity of this condition will vary depending on how low your eyes are affected. 

The most serious cases are when both of your upper lids sag down, completely obscuring all sight; hence the name for this disability is ‘lazy eyes.’ This leads to double vision, which makes it very difficult to do anything like work or even move around. 

What is the Purpose of Ptosis Surgery?

The goal of ptosis surgery in Singapore is to lift your drooping upper eyelid back into place. This will improve your vision and restore a normal appearance to your face. As you can imagine, this condition can also affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem. 

So it’s important for these people to go through ptosis surgery as soon as possible before things get worse. In some cases, this procedure might be done together with blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery, which adds to the total cost of both types of operations. On average, about 50% more Asians opt for double eyelid surgery rather than single eyelid surgery because they feel their appearance looks more natural with it.

When do you Need Ptosis Surgery? 

Most patients feel discouraged by the thought of having anything done to their face because they fear that they will look unnatural after surgery. That should not be the case here because all your surgeon really needs to do is lift your upper eyelid to its correct position. 

The incision that he makes will then be hidden in the crease of your upper eyelid. As to what causes this condition, people are born with ptosis or develop drooping eyelids due to aging, trauma or thyroid disease. 

Some people experience this condition later on in life due to stress, weakening of muscles and aging. But it can also occur suddenly after an eye injury or even a blow to the head! Irrespective of the cause, if you have double vision caused by ptosis, you should immediately consider getting ptosis surgery in Singapore.

What Kind of Doctor do you see for Ptosis?

If you are suffering from ptosis, you need to see an oculoplastic specialist. This is a medical doctor specializing in treating the affected area of the upper eyelid and surrounding tissue. He knows how to handle problems related to drooping your eyes or eyelids.

The specialist will examine your physical condition thoroughly before they begin any treatment. The examination usually includes taking photos of your face and checking on your health history like previous surgeries and stuff like that. We don’t want any surprises during the surgery, do we? So it’s better if everything is out in the open beforehand.

Once they have all that information about you, they will decide on whether ptosis surgery in Singapore is necessary for you or not. If it’s a straightforward case, the surgeon will do the surgery immediately. But if you have complex ptosis or when there are other problems in your eyes, they might need to be dealt with before they can proceed to treat your ptosis.

What is the Cost of Ptosis Surgery in Singapore?

The cost of ptosis surgery in Singapore is not cheap. Asians are more prone to ptosis because of their doe-eyed look, which is why surgeons can charge a high fee for this procedure. However, the good news is some facilities may give you affordable packages to take care of the treatments.

As for the actual price of ptosis in Singapore, it will depend on many factors, like the surgeon you go to and how complex your case is. A typical fee starts at SGD 2500, but it can be much higher if there are additional procedures involved or if there are complications during surgery. So it would be best if you asked about these scenarios with your doctor beforehand, so you know what to expect in terms of cost.

Since ptosis surgery in Singapore is expensive, it’s advisable to clarify all your queries before scheduling an appointment. We don’t want you to waste your precious money on a surgery that doesn’t yield the type of results you were expecting. By asking as many questions as possible and getting as much clarity as you can, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Is Ptosis Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Ptosis surgery isn’t usually covered by insurance companies, especially in cases where it’s done purely for cosmetic purposes. This is because most insurance companies don’t consider the condition a medical problem requiring treatment. They believe that it’s more of an aesthetic issue, so they do not cover it. 

However, if the surgery is deemed necessary after further tests and examinations, you may be able to get your insurance company to foot most of the bill. If needed, the rest will be paid for by you or your family members.

Will Ptosis Surgery Leave a Scar?

The incision that your plastic surgeon makes will then be hidden in the crease of your upper eyelid. This means it’s very difficult to see even when you are standing directly in front of someone. The scars are also not as big or deep as other types of surgeries, which is why most patients are happy with them.

As for the pain which you may be worried about, many people report feeling some pain after getting ptosis surgery. Some patients complain about migraine-like symptoms, which can affect your ability to perform daily activities. However, the pain should only last for a few days, and you should expect it to disappear completely within 7-10 days. Sometimes, you might feel discomfort for longer periods, but this is rare.

Final Words

Occasionally, ptosis surgery can leave some vision problems or double vision, which can be corrected through other procedures. This usually occurs when the doctor makes a mistake while performing the surgery and it’s not common, so you should rest assured that this won’t happen to you. Otherwise, you don’t have anything else to worry about except for how well your new look will turn out.

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