Sleep awareness week: Insomnia treatment for veterans & military families

Sleep is one major aspect of our life that is facing a tough time in the modern world. Today motivational speakers and many big personalities in their speech to motivate the youth project sleeping as a bad thing. They fail to realise that without proper sleep one cannot achieve desired focus and concentration in his/her work. Thus, achieving your goal and ambitions need you to work more effectively for which a sound sleep is a necessity. Often social media and career mentors portray as a waste of time. 

But this myth has been busted several times by the doctors and health experts that have come out to show the importance of sleep. To spread awareness about the need for good sleep and what are the health hazards one can be afflicted with, if proper sleep is not obtained, we celebrate Sleep awareness week. Insomnia, depression, anxiety attacks, hypertension, low creativity, memory loss or even heart disorders. The list is long hence, do not undertake any action that negatively impacts your sleep. The degradation of the sleep cycle has boosted the consumption of pills like Modvigil 200 and Modaheal 200. In this article, our point of concern is to go into detail about the treatment of insomnia for veterans and families of military personnel. 

Define Insomnia

Insomnia is a medical condition in which it becomes difficult for the person to fall asleep. Imagine yourself tired from the day’s work and lying in bed to get a good sleep and recharge yourself. But you remain awake for several hours sometimes even till morning. Or if you fall asleep, you wake up several times from sleep. Hence, when you finally wake up in the morning you are still feeling dizzy and tired. This is because you are still short of sleep and, the brain needs more time to rest. But you don’t have much time because you have to hustle again in the morning and reach school or the office. 

Just imagine the life of such a person, he/she is short of sleep and the person has to work in strict deadlines. Hence, the stress gets accumulated and at some point, the time it bursts causing depression, nervous breakdown, sudden fainting, exhaustion, damage to the sleep cycle, insomnia etc. 

Is Insomnia dangerous?

Many people have this preconceived notion that insomnia is just a one-day affair and it’s over after taking a few pills of Modalert 200 and Waklert 150. Such people are at the risk of getting permanent mental disorders that are often irreparable. If not treated within time in the extreme case the person with insomnia turns violent toward himself/herself and people around him/her. You may have seen movies showing insomnia patients as forgetting things easily and often committing a crime by changing mood within minutes. This is true because in many extreme insomnia patients changing personalities has occurred. So, never underestimate Insomnia and treat it with the same care as you would treat any other disorder. 

Insomnia in military personnel and their families

Some people may scratch their heads as to how military families become patients of insomnia. Military men have one of the highest risky work profiles in the world. It is one such job that has the risk of losing life at any point in time. You don’t even know when and from where the enemy may fire. Hence, the alertness and agility required are of another level. Thus, the pressure on the nervous system and sleep cycle is highest. 

So, a military officer suffering from insomnia or any mental disorder is very much likely. They hardly get 6 to 7 hours of sleep; their training is such that on the sound of a whistle they have to get up and be ready for any task assigned. And the families of such men are also worried all the time for their loved ones. When common civilians like us hear about war, we get excited and thrilled. But people whose husband, brother or son are involved in the war; get afraid and fail to get a good sleep or eat properly. So, insomnia is not something new to families of military personnel. 

How to treat insomnia?

The most preferred way of treating insomnia and getting good sleep is by taking sleeping pills like Artvigil 150. Remember insomnia does not get treated in a few days of consuming pills. You need to take it for the total days mentioned in the prescription. Sometimes the doctor extends the dose so that the sleep cycle is permanently restored. Insomnia is not caused in a day but due to continuous turmoil in the sleep cycle for weeks and months. Hence, its treatment also requires discipline to be followed for the same time period. These drugs are prescription based so, make sure you take them only after the doctor says. 


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