The Hakik Mala – The Perfect Flow of Shiv-Shakti

If you are walking on a spiritual path, or are meditative in nature, you should get the Hakik mala for yourself. It mainly symbolizes courage, success, and protection for the wearer. You will get various colours in this mala. And the best part about the same is that, anyone can use the mala. There are various colours that are available like black, white, green, and so on. However, the black one is very common. It symbolizes many things and is well regarded in the spiritual sphere. You will be amazed to know, that it can also clear the root chakra.

How To Use The Black Hakik Mala?

You can use the black Hakik mala, for all your spiritual pursuits. It can be used for japa and chanting, as well. You can wear the mala around the neck, and also keep it under the pillow for protection. Additionally, you can also keep it in the puja room.

You should always try to wear the mala in the auspicious time, to increase its benefits. If you have eaten meat or taken alcohol, then you should avoid it. It is believed that the mala picks up the vibrations from the surroundings, and affects the wearer. The black mala is for those, who want to please Saturn. You can use it for japa, by starting from the Guru bead. It is the 109th bead. You have to start your mantra chant from that bead, and as you pass each bead in between the thumb and the middle fingers, you can recite the mantra. After you finish reciting, always cleanse the mala with a soft cloth and keep it aside. 108 is an auspicious number, and that is the reason why all mantras are chanted for 108 times, to increase efficacy.

The Other Types of Hakik Mala Decoded

Apart from the most common one, that is black, you can also choose to wear the red one. The red one represents Mars. You can do the japa of shakti mantras, Chamundi and Durga Goddess with the beaded mala in hand. It can calm the mind and also negate fears. It also removes the dark effects of Tantra.

You will also come across the pink Agate mala. It can be worn if there is marital discord of any sort in your life. It also enhances the focus and eases out emotional outbursts. You can also use it for dhyana. The colour pink, mainly promotes love and compassion.

If you are a Gemini or Virgo, then you can also wear the green one. It cleanses, increases confidence and also increases your riches. If you have any health issues, then also you can wear the mala.

The white Agate mala is another one in this sphere. The white ones represent the Venus and Moon. Moreover, it is believed to balance the heart chakra, solar plexus, and the throat chakra. The crystal also promotes longevity.

Consolidated Benefits of the Hakik Mala

·         The mala protects the wearer from the dark effects of black magic. It also negates the evil eye.

·         It also adds a positive aura to the atmosphere and balances the Yin and Yang energies.

·         It is good for aged people, as it restores balance.

·         You can satisfy the planet Saturn, by wearing the black mala.

·         If you have insomnia or have frequent nightmares, then also this mala is useful.

·         The mala also helps in digestion and proper metabolism.

·         It has the power to heal joint pains, muscle spasms, and lymphatic drainage as well.

·         It also balances the unblocks the root chakra, which is located at the bottom of the spine.

·         It is a powerful healing stone and helps to solve various health issues.

·         It also cures skin problems and improves blood circulation.

·         If you are doing Bhairav Puja, wearing the Black Hakik Mala increases the power.

·         You can also use the black mala to worship Goddess Kali.

·         The mala is also known to improve fertility, and is a good stone to wear in pregnancy.

·         Additionally, the mala also calms the mind of the wearer and also releases tension.

So, you can very well see that the stone Agate or Hakik, has enormous benefits on the wearer. You should always buy the Hakik mala from a trusted seller. There are many fake sellers who sell false agate stones. Try using the services of Holistic kart and get the best benefits. As soon as you wear the same, you will notice positive benefits around you and within you. Additionally, you can get the mala at affordable rates from the site Holistic Kart.


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