Top 6 Yoga Pose For Male Fertility

Testosterone is the essential hormone that is necessary to enhance fertility in men. However, various elements could result in lower testosterone levels that affect male fertility. 

You might be wondering how yoga can increase testosterone levels. The following points can help you have a better understanding of how practicing yoga benefits you. Keep reading.

Health Benefits of Yoga Practice

  • Yoga practice improves blood circulation that improves sperm health.
  • It releases testosterone that is essential for better fertility.
  • Removes stress and erases psychological reasons for infertility in men.
  • Yoga asanas along with breathing exercises improve the cardiovascular and nervous system.
  • Improves libido.
  • Enhances muscle endurance and stamina.

The list goes on when it comes to counting the health benefits of yoga practice. You can practice the below-mentioned yoga poses for male fertility. Keep reading,

6 Best Yoga Poses That Improves Fertility in Men

Bridge Pose

Having a better flow of blood in your pelvic area improves fertility in men. Also, it improves the flexibility of your hamstrings. The bridge pose also works on your core muscles and shoulder strength. Moreover, it gives a strong base to all your other physical activities. Your sense of balance improves with regular practice of the bridge pose. 

Vaccum Pose

It is one of the best yoga poses to improve your sperm health. Moreover, practicing the Vaccum pose provides better control of your core muscles. Thus, it gives you more control over muscles in reproductive organs. It further helps you have a flat tummy.

Surya Namaskar

One of the most diverse yoga poses, the Surya Namaskar includes 12 basic yoga poses. It works on your overall body for a complete transformation. You become flexible, strong, and gain more mobility. Hence, it heals infertility in men with its ability to provide you a complete transformation. 

Plank Pose

When it comes to improving your core strength, the plank pose is a perfect option for you. It further helps in burning fat that lowers the risk of infertility in men. The plank pose improves the strength of your shoulders, chest, and legs.

Bow Pose

The bow pose works on your thighs, hamstrings, and lower back. It further massages your genital areas that improve the quality of your sperm. When you regularly practice the bow pose, you get better flexibility in your hips and shoulders. 

Plow Pose

When it comes to improving the strength in your neck, the plow pose is a perfect choice for you. It also increases the flexibility in your legs and improves blood flow to your genitals. Hence, the production of sperm increases in your genitals that improves the quality of sperm.

Hence, you can practice this pose to cure infertility.

End Note

Yoga helps in improving various hormonal imbalances in your body. Thus, it minimizes the production of estrogen hormone. On the other hand, it increases the releases of testosterone hormone that plays a vital role in the quality of your sperms.

Therefore, making yoga practice a part of your life is a perfect decision that you can take. In case you are someone who has no idea how to practice yoga, you can join a yoga fitness Center. Why India? Because you are going to learn yoga in its truest essence. Hence, you live a better and wholesome life. 


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