What is an Oncologist? Explain the workings of an Oncologist?

A specialist or physician who specializes in treating cancer is known as an oncologist. They diagnose people with a different type of cancer and suggest the best advice to those who suffer from it. 

In recent times, cancer has developed into a common reason for death. There are many cancer hospitals in Noida, such as Zeeva Oncology which offer the best facilities.

As a hope of light that comes from modern technologies and advancements, the survival rate is increasing with the progress in medical sciences. These include cancer detention, management and treatment.

The management team consists of experts of healthcare providers such as oncologists, nurses, pathologists and dietitians.

Different Kinds of Oncologists 

An oncologist is a department that cares for the treatment through three major areas of oncology which are medical, surgical, and radiation. You will get the best oncologist in Noida.  

Let us look at these three fields in a detailed way.

Medical oncology

It specializes in managing and treating cancer patients with nonsurgical procedures when medical oncology is concerned. These comprise:

  • chemotherapy
  • biologic therapy
  • hormone therapy
  • targeted therapy

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The Medical oncologist provides healthcare advice and treatment to cancer patients.

A medical oncologist also looks at the side effects and tries to examine the people more closely. 

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Medical oncologists also follow their patients after completing their treatment to avoid any risks.

Surgical oncology

When Surgical oncologists are considered, it mainly processes with the surgeons who specialize in diagnosing cancer. These oncologists use various treatment and management methods for cancer.

In most cases, cancer is detected with the help of surgical oncologist methods primarily. As the patients show cancer symptoms, they are referred to surgical oncologists for confirmation.

Surgical oncologists are responsible for confirming the stage of cancer.

The surgical oncologist conducts biopsies that mainly deal with removing a minor sample of irregular tissue and investigating it to find cancer cells.

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Radiation oncology

Radiation oncologists focus their skills on specializing in providing both external and internal radiation therapy to patients with cancer.

In the external radiation therapy method, they use high energy photon beams to eliminate cancer cells and help reduce the tumors.

In the internal radiation therapy method, there is a complete structure for the treatment, which initiates with swallowing and then injecting, or implanting a radioactive item, for instance, radioactive iodine.

Various Oncology Specialties

  • gastrointestinal oncology
  • geriatric oncology
  • gynaecologic neuro-oncology oncology
  • hematology-oncology
  • musculoskeletal oncology
  • neuro-oncology
  • pediatric oncology

What do oncologists do is the primary question that arises in people’s minds about them?

 When a person is detected with cancer’s evidence after going for primary check-ups, the oncologist is the person who confirms it.

When people visit primary care clinics there, they follow tests through CT scans, MRI, and blood tests when they encounter evidence of cancers. After these tests are performed, they confirm the patient’s signs and recommend them to visit an oncologist.

In the first session, the oncologist performs different tests such as blood tests and image analysis or biopsies. Next, they verify the type and stage of cancer the person is suffering which helps them process the best treatment for the patient.

We can look at one of the best cancer hospitals.

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There are many services they offer and help you treat the various conditions. 

Conditions they treat

There are many departments that oncologists must care about to cure all kinds of cancer. Different oncologists are specialized in various types of practices such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or surgery.

Apart from these, the other department that oncologists focus on is based on organ-specific cancers, such as:

  • bone cancers
  • blood cancers
  • brain cancer
  • breast cancer
  • cervical cancer
  • head and neck cancer
  • liver cancer
  • lung cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • skin cancer
  • testicular cancer
  • Education required

These are certain sections that need to be taken care of for providing better information to the people and helping them to recover from this life-taking disease.


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